There are two solid soil chunks (diskhas) and a chhake eenar (well) located at the west, half kilometer distance from Kopawa village, which is located around 11kms northeast away from Taulihawa bazaar and around one km from Aamauli village. According to the history, there was a durbar here. A well with a bathing mirror to look at while was built for female members of royal family. The inner surface of kuwa was sparkling as glass, so it was also known as sisha kuwa. The kuwa is 15meters wide and 18 meters deep.
Various pieces of red colored land pots, small chunks of bricks, malas made of stones and parts of architectural structures are also found. These chunks date back to Krishnakalin time i.e. 1st AD till 4th AD, as per historician BabuKrishna Rijal. On the south west side of the kuwa, there is a small circle encircling a sHIVALINGA made of brown colored stone and aargahpatta. There is no proper transportation facility in the locality and also the place is situated in the middle of cultivable lands. Due to such difficulties, worshippers only visit the place during festivals like Shivaratri, Balachaturdashi, and Ekadashis.