On the northeast of Nareshwor Mahadevi’s mandir, religiously and culturally important, Airenisthan is located. Locals believe that the devi protects them and outsiders are not allowed. Regular pujas are conducted. Here lies an old diskho covering 35 m in the northsouth , 4om in the eastwest, 4 m height and temple of Airenisthan on the top. Two stones idols and a marble image of goddess are placed along with the ancient swords, kawach, dhal and kadga as representation of the devis. Various broken pieces of idols can also be seen scattered all around the place. There are three images of divine upon 1m tall stone. In the middle, is the image of devi having two hands, on the right is a male and on the left, a devi with Chaturbhuj. Images of elephants, tortoise and Buddhas’ in meditation are also present. Also bits of bricks, red and black-brown colored earthern pots are seen on the ground. Since the old times, this place has been an important place for the Hindus.