Baba Bardgoriya is a famous place from cultural and archeological viewpoint, is situated within a dense forest, to the left of Bhumahi khola, 5 km north to Ramnagar, which lies to east of Butwal. According to legendry’s saying, 9 lakh (0.9 million) cows used to graze in this area. There used to be a powerful bull, which had a golden chain on its neck. To take that bull under control was a great challenge hence it was beheaded to get the chain. The head of the bull is said to remain atbthe same place. An incrypted symbol was established to mark this thing. Many idols are present here either scattered here and there or underground. This place has a saint’s ashram, Shivalaya and Shakteepeeth, along with the encrypted arts of the Yamuna, the Ganga, Kartikeya, Shiva, Paarvati, bull, 108 Shiva lingas. The cutting by river, or digging up has always left out some monuments. In 1995, king of Bijayapur, Jayaditya second and minister Devaditya were mentioned on a copper leaf of 9th century, found on a river bank. Their political presence is still under study. The copper leaf is kept safely now at National Archives, Kathmandu. Though S.B. Deva gave information about the art objects in 1964, the related bodies are not being able to preserve them. The excavation of those could lead this place with cultural existence into an open museum, which is helpful for tourism development.