East of Kanyamai, on the dishko at the farther side of river Sitalnagar, there was a sacred place to worship Bairimai. But the river destroyed it so simple temple is built on the north diskho of Kanyamai. As per the stories, among all the devis worshipped in the locality, this devi has hearing problem or hearing disability, so the name is Bairimai ( bairi – one who cannot hear). The entry door of the temple is in the north and portions of idols can be seen scattered all over the temple boundary. The statue of Bairimai has worn a mukut, necklace and a dhoti. It is an artistic piece with eyes and lips worn out due to friction. People also call it as image of Lord Vishnu. An old Pakari tree with 82 ft circumference, Bangala – Bangali, Godaha, Mathagadi are some of the renowned religious places of this area.