Bardahawa or Bardewa is an ancient place located north-east of Kudan, south-west of Taulihawa and on the roadside of Taulihawa – Kunuwa road. There is a big diskho of 25m length located in south –west of Ramteliya village, another village in neighbourhood of Bardahawa village. There goes an interesting story about the name of this village. Once there was a buffalo that destroyed the crops of the farmers and in order to get rid of it, a non-Hindu beheaded it. The buffalo stayed at the same place without its head so it was called ‘Bardi’ in native language and ‘Hawa’ was joined, forming the name “Bardahawa’/ this place had buried riches so time and again, the riches were dug out and stolen. One day, a local farmer saw a big ‘Tama’ vessel buried in Bardahawa in his dreams. He, then, dug out the vessel and took home. Later, his eldest son was to be provided in exchange of the vessel so he put the vessel back to where he dug it out from. From this incident the locals learnt that buried riches are not to be possessed without consent. On the east of the place, there lies a Khayer tree with Devi Samayamai beneath it. There are earthen images of the goddess, horses, elephants, Lord Shiva. Parbati, Nandi in the place offered by worshippers whose prayers are answered. Since the place is ancient, portions of earthen pots, bricks, soil made jewelries, dolls, earthen images of men and animals can also be seen. The place also has scattered artistic images all over.