Another significant place in this area is Bedamau. It is located 5 kms north-west from Krishna nagar, a bazaar in Kapilvastu. some time back in history, Brahmans used to reside in this place and study Bedas. The locals opine that ‘mau’ was joined in the ‘beda’(Hindu grantha) and as a result the place was so called ‘Bedamau’. Most of the ancient diskhas present in this place are under the direct influence of Bedamau river. Colored and simple brown colored earthen utensils were found. On basis of the artistic items excavated in India, the items found here are considered to have dated back to 1000 BC – 400BC comments Dr. Ramniwas Pandey. This place is important since the Mahabarat days. the various archaeological items excavated from this place are preserved by Tribhuwan University Culture and Archaeology Department. The local farmers are slowly taking up the land and the river is destroying the surrounding. So it is high time for preserving and upgrading the abode before it’s too late.