Bhairab (Bhairam) Sthaan is in Gonaha VDC, ward no. 9 Semraha. Since the old days, locals used to worship the place with the thaan with flowers, rice, incense sticks and the like during Ubhauli – Udhauli to make their wishes come true without actually realizing that the land had artistic and archaeologically important items hidden beneath it. A 13 cm tall, black – blue colored structure was seen here but nobody knew its origin. None of the locals tried to unveil the mystery behind the place and simply kept worshipping and believing it to have religious importance. The new generation also did the same. Here also lay – a seven ‘kunda’ and a nine ‘kunda’ and finally to know the actual matter, a zamindar (landlord) excavated the place and found a huge stone image. Labours could not dig out the image so an elephant was used for the purpose. But to everyone’s dismay, the elephant died. The sudden death made the locals believe that the place held divine power so no other being took risk to excavate the place again.

There is an idol of Uma – Maheshwor in the premises of the thaan. A local woman accidentally broke the left bosom of Uma (Parbati). Eventually, the woman suffered the same fate i.e. her left bosom fell out. Then the locals gathered, conducted a Puja and then only the woman was healed – the ancient history reads. Due to such hearsays and stories, the popularity and mystery behind Bhairab Thaan beguiled people residing far and wide. In 2048 B.S., on the month of Falgun, on Krishna Chaturdashi, Ramesh Chandra Thapa, a resident of Siddharthanagar municipality, ward no. 4, being a religious priest gathered guts to once again, excavate the area. On his personal expense and consultation with the locals, he excavated the area using “Kulli” and managed to retrieve only huge objects during the initation. During excavation, the kulli unintentionally destroyed a Shiva image. On the very day, on his way to home Bhairahawa, nearby Bethari, he was suddenly attacked by numerous bee-like minute organisms. He took the attack as a divine’s activity so promised to donate cow and preserve the Mahadev image. Only after making such promises; he survived and later he fulfilled them- the people believe.

The place has statues of Shivalinga, Uma- Maheshwor, Shakti, Ganesh and various other dieties and ancient bricks. Realizing the religious and historical importance of thaan, the locals and religious priest together protected, promoted and built devalayas around the thaan. They also formed a committed to construct a Shikar (Naagar) styled- temple and on the actual old place, old-styled temple is slated to be constructed. The ancient arts prove the thaan also had Shaib devalaya in the past. Bhairab is believed to have tantric powers and as the place is believed to have such powers, there is a plan to build a Bhairab temple. Every year, on Falgun Krishna Chaturdashi, Shivaratri is celebrated in different Shaib devalays located all over the nation including Bhairab Thaan of Gonaha.