Bhairahawa is the headquarter of Rupandehi district. There was a guthi of Bhairabthan in Palpa and people called it Bhairab. Later, ‘hawa’ (place) was added as suffix in ‘Bhairab’, so the place was named Bhairahawa. In 1991 B.S., Bhairahawa became the new headquarter. It is also called Siddharthanagar after Bhairahawa after Buddha’s childhood name Siddhartha.

Various ancient images and arts present here, depicts the actual ancient and historical value of the place. Among more than 115 of Mandirs, Bihars, Masjids, Church, Gumbas and the like religious monuments present in Siddharthanagar, Narayanthan, Shivalaya, Durgasthan, Karanimai, Shantigumba are of special importance on basis of historical and religious values.