12 kms south west of Butwal, there lays mandir of Nareshwor Mahadev and on the south of this temple, is Bhootkuwa. Residents of this place were troubled time and again by “bhoot’ (ghosts). In order to please ghosts, they were offered incense sticks and rice. If the livestocks were sick, people worshipped ghosts to cure them. If somebody wanted to complete a task, ghosts were worshipped. They believed if the ghosts were pleased, the particular task could be completed in a single night. Due to use of such immense magic, ghosts constructed the Kuwa in a single night so it is called bhootkuwa, the history reads. The circular shaped kuwa has circumference of 134 cms, and is constructed with artistic stones. This kuwa has salty water so people donot use it for drinking purpose.

The historical, cultural importance and architectural designs of this kuwa is similar to Rani Kuwa of Sainamaina, Pathar kuwa, Naukati, Shankernagar and Ranibari. A monument of such importance should be protected.