Twelve kilometers south-east of Taulihawa bazaar and on the east of Chakarchaur is Bijuwamai village. On the dishko lying on the south of the village, temples of local goddess Bijayasani and Bijuwa mai or Samaya mai are located. As per the hearsay, there was a durbar nearby this temple. Locals worshipped the goddess for ensuring peace, safety and eliminating diseases and health causalities. As time passed, people started calling the goddess -Samayamai. There is a strong belief that worshipping the goddess in the time of crisis helps in solving the problem. Elsewhere the devi is placed in open boundary but here devi is placed within closed boundary. This feature differs Bijuwamai from rest of the religious places where devi is worshipped. In the middle of the temple, there is a huge image representing ‘Shakti’ (power). On the right and left of the entry door, lion images are placed. Bits of earthen pots, utensils, bricks, small chunks of soil are present on the surface of the diskha. Another diskha named Bijuwakot is present on the south-west of this diskha. Portions of utensils, bricks, images of animals and birds are also seen on its surface. A garden is built in this arena with antique Shivalinga and Arghapatti. Jamunikot lies on the east of Bijuwakot.