Around 10 kms away from Taulihawa bazaar, there is a road leading to Lumbini and on the south of this road lies Bimiyakot. The ancient diskho present here covers an area of 50 meters in the east and west whereas 60 meters in the north-south direction. Multiple pieces of raw, red-colored earthen pots, baseless bowls, convex shaped earthen utensils, bowls, artistic structures are tossed everywhere. Temples of Himalaya and local goddess Samaya mai are lying in between the diskas. A shivalaya is also present in the locality consisting of images of Shiva, Parbati, Ganesh, and Kartikei. It was jointly constructed by pujaris durbari and laljadi. The wide open space around the temple is utilized as walkaway for the worshippers. As per tradition, Samaya mai has open boundary. Since there is a belief that closing doors of temples brings bad luck, the temple is simply surrounded by a wall. Images of horses, dogs, sheep, and elephants are placed around the temple and a small garden is also built in the open area. As the place is a religiously important, the place is preserved but efforts from concerned authorities are lacking. They need to take initiation for promotion and protection of the place to prevent it from destruction and degradation.