On the south of east- west highway and west of Danda khola (rivlute), there is Nawalpur where lies the historical Dandakot Tandi. In the Chure range of the lower Terai regions, various evidences of the humans of the Stone Age has been found. The suitable climate for living and the types of tool that has been found on the banks washed up by the river, also make the fact stronger.

In the old times, people committing crimes were punished and penalized in this place, so the name ‘Dandakot’ (danda meaning punishment) and as the place lies in higher altitude, ‘Tandi’ was added as the suffix. Thus, the name Dandakot Tandi came into existence.

In 1964 A.D., SB Dev led an excavation team in this area but in vain. Later, when Banerjee excavated this area, multiple tools such as axes, knives, kodalos etc were found. Similar tools were found in Tribhuwantar and the nearby regions. Two tools during excavations are very much similar to the modern day tools and equipment. Tandi, located in dense jungle and the surrounding Chure range, though important historically, isn’t neither taken care by the locals nor by the government. So, serious initiations for its preservation should be taken immediately.