An excavator, Howe conducted an excavation in Bagauratappa (Bawanipur) located at Kerwani VDC, ward no. 7 of Rupandehi district in order to investigate the fact whether the place was primitive Devdaha or not. Devdaha located 10 kms east of Manigram of Rupandehi and 15 kms west of Parasi bazaar, was maternal village of Siddhartha Gautam. Among various states like Kushinagar, vaisali, koshal , magadh, pawa, kapilvastu of 6th century BC, devdaha was statee of koliya dynasty. This place is mentioned in Buddhist literature like lalitbistar, Buddha gosh, jatak arthakatha and daampad. The lalitbistar reads –Kosal raj sujata already had 5 sons and daughjters when the queen died. Then, he married jayanti. She wanted her son, jayanta kumar, to reign the nation so she ordered the king to leave the sons and daughters of the dead queen in south of a dense forest.
The sons and daughters roamed around the forest, met Rishi and as per his suggestions started living in the same forest after cutting down the Sal trees. Later, the community was called Kapilvastu and the dynasty – Shakyas.

The eldest daughter, Priya ( Amrita) was diagnosed with leprosy so she started living in a hut in a dense forest far-off from the village, in isolation. Likewisw, king of Baneras, Ram, who was also suffering from leprosy visited the place as per the suggestions that the disease will be cured if the diseased sits under the shade of Kol trees. Ram and priya met and after priya was cured, both got married, later, the place was known with various names such as kolnagar or koliyagram, ramgram, devdaha, byagrapur and byagrapath. byagrapur because Ram protected Priya from tiger and devdaha because there was a big pond (daha) for shakyas and koliya dynasty members to take a bath, states various Buddhist literatures.

Archaeologist PC Mukherjee said Rohini River flowing in between Kapilvastu and Devdaha or Koligram later gets mixed with Rapti River in Gorakpur, india. Dr. Howe comments Tappa or Bagda is related to ancient Byagrapur. Gradual sound transformations of Kohilajhang and miscommunication of names like bagaura, byagrapur; the name Kerbani could have formed. The koliyas and shakyas of kapilvastu had close relations. Mother of Buddha, mayadevi and wife, yasodhara were also koliyan princess. Ramgram and devdaha were two states of koliya rajya.

On the front entrance, there is a female statue with no head of 73*49 cms of Mayadevi. On the back of the statue, a deep circular pole of 61 cm length and 96cms radius is present. While excavating on the south of bawani higher secondary school, a primitive “gagri’ was found. So in order to protect the place, the pole was placed at the very place. Nearby the west entrance of the temple and south of the school, there lays an old “Kuwa” with a Sal tree covered by a Pipal tree. The sal tree inside the kuwa is very old depicting the old age of the place. Since there is a strong belief that sal tree lives for 100 years, exists for 1000 years and takes another 1000 years to decay also represents the primitiveness of this area.