A river called Banganga is situated nearby Tilara village which is about 377 meters away from Tilarakot. On the east side of the river is Dhamnihawa. According to the historical records, the Dhamnihawa was named after holy metal Chaitya. There is an isolated jungle in this place which has two similar stupas made of bricks. The historical records mention that 52ft stupa was constructed in the memory of Suddhodhan whereas the other 26 ft stupa represented queen Mayadevi. Various excavations have been conducted time and again to gather archaeological data. Archaeogists opine that first phase of big stupa was constructed in 4th century. Small pieces of grey wire and NBP wires were also dug out during excavation. The portion of wooden pots, two Panchamark coins, three wood coins and one image of mother with her child were also dug out which dated back to 3th – 4th century. No evidence of caskets were found even when excavators dug 4 meters deep right through the middle portion of the big stupa. The smaller one, one just 5 meters away from the bigger one, was built at one go. These stupas were buried beneath Pipal and Kusum trees.