Four kilometres east from Taulihawa, there is a road leading to Lumbini and north of that very road lays Dharmapaniya. Around 300 meters west of the village, there is a tree with an ancient pond located nearby it. This place is considered to be ‘Sarkup’ as mentioned in the Buddhist history and Chinese folk tales. Fahiyan mentions that this ‘Sarkup’ (pit) was formed when Siddhartha shot an arrow at a length of 30 li to the south east of Kapilvastu. On the other hand, Huyensang also commented that there lies a ‘Sarkup’ in Lumbini at a distance of 80-90 li. Due to the two different versions, Vincewnt Smith has opined that Huyensang and Fahiyan could possibly had visited two different places. Likewise, in Lalitbisthar, it is mentioned the Sarkup is located around 13 yards away from Lumbini. These frequent mention of Sarkup in various findings prove that “Sarkup’ lies somewhere between Lumbini and Tilaurakot but its exact location is yet unknown. Despite the vagueness of Sarkup’s location, Dharmapaniya is still an important historical place.