Among different pious places situated in Trivenidham, Gajendra mokshya is one of the ancient sites. An interesting story surrounds about the origination of this place. In the older times, a king of this area had war with Sawek Gaaj and Graha. In response to the war, Agrastha rishi cursed upon the kingdom so the war continued for thousands of years. There was no signs of the war coming to an end. An elephant (Gaaj) then started searching for somebody who could help them. After seeking help from many, he finally reached the doorstep of Lord Vishnu. He offered him a lotus through his trunk and asked him to help them. Vishnu agreed to help him so he used his super powerful sudarsan chakra and beheaded the Graha (crocodile). Finally, the century long war ended. The gaaj or elephants were rescued i. e. they obtained mokshya so the place was named gaajagraha or Gajendra mokshya dham. Since then, the place has been a popular name for Hindus. Due to the scenic views and natural beauty around the place, it has also been established as Ashokbatika (park).

Relating to the event of Lord Vishnu rescuing the elephants from the never ending war, people visit the area believing the Lord will also prevent them from violence and inequality. This place is also called the pau (feet) of Muktinath. Kalash, mandir of muktinarayan, sanskrit pathsala, home kunfa, gaushala, athithi griha and the like cultural heritages and natural glory lies in the surrounding. There is huge opportunity of generating income by developing this place as a tourist attraction.