Thirteen kilometers east of butwal, on the south of the highway, Godaha is located. On the southwest of buddhanagar and north of bangalabangali, there is a huge jungle with diskhas in the middle part. According to stories, army men of koliya rajya, who rode horses lived and trained at this place. So the place was known as ‘Godwal’ which gradually changed to ‘Godaha’. Among the various diskhas present in the scene, a particular huge diskha covering 1km in the east and west grabs the attention. On its surface, bits of earthen pots, statues of human, elephants, horses, sheep, birds and buffaloes colored in black-brown, red and black are found. It also has old bricks arranged in a particular order which hints that ancient buildings were built using them.

On the northeast of this dense forest, numerous old wells were excavated. The Southwest of 40m ‘byas’ diskha, there is a 5 meter tall diskha is present. The bricks used in the base of the diskhas can be clearly seen and the marks present on the diskhas’ surface shows 14 different rooms with different flowers patterns and geometric shapes are used. The elderly opines that about 50 years back, the places had walls that could cover half of the body but due to unauthorized destruction and ruthlessness, exsistence of this place in the near future is questionable.