Manushi Krakuchhanda Buddha was born in Gotihawa, situated in the south-west, four miles away from Taulihawa bazaar. According to Buddha dynasty, Manushi Buddha’s arena- Chey Mawati (Gotihawa) was located 96miles south-east of Shrawasti and 8 miles away from Kapilvastu. This area is also popular as the place where Siddhartha met his father Suddhodhana after he achieved gyan. Through the flying time, the front portion of the imagery broke down. So people started calling and worshipping it as Phuteswor Mahadev. this place consists of Ancient Ashoka pillar, well, bricks store and various historical items which are still to be excavated. Major Badel and P. C. Mukherjee conducted an excavation program for the first time in 1898 AD and found the exact location which was declared as the birth place of Krakuchhanda Buddha by Samrat Ashoka. The buried Ashoka pillar was excavated out by Karlael in 1904 which provided further evidence to the history. Bikxu Dhamlok further dug out the remainings of the pillar in 1954 AD. The excavation revealed scattered archaeological itineraries on the southern part with a small wooden well located nearby it.

Since 1995 to 2001, an excavation was carried out through joint efforts of Nepalese Archaeological Department and an organization of Italy named Issmiyo. the historical pillar, as well as a coal mine, was unveiled by the team during the period. the scientific analysis of the coal mine proved that the existence of the society residing in the place dated back to the 8th century.