Village Hardewa is located 6 kms south-west of Taulihawa bazaar, on the east of road leading to Kunuwa. There are two ancient dhiskas, a well and a Shivalaya. On the upperside of Hardewa, there is Kotayi Mai who is worshipped as the protector of this area. The devi is worshipped daily. Milk, aksheta, incense sticks are offered and animals are sacrificied so as to please the devi and make one’s wishes come true. A soil-made image of ‘mai’ is built and various mud idols of birds and animals are present around it. On the west of Kotayi devi, there is an ancient pond. Various ancient arts and structures were found while cleaning the pond and various pieces of ancient bricks, broken artistic structures were also found on the banks of the pond. A Shivalaya with stone made Shivaling and arghapatta is located on the west of the pond. Primitive Shivalinga along with minor portions of ancient stones are found scattered around the Shivalinga. A well-constructed with rings is also present in this place. When Devala Mitra excavated this place in 1962 various earthen bowls, basins, plates, lids, cooking pots, soil – made images human and flora and fauna were dug.