Jahadi is located on the banks of Jamuwar river, 5 kms away from Taulihawa and 1.5kms north-east of Niglihawa. On the north of the well, there is a huge image of local god Rakshyababa. The god protects human and animals say the elderly, so the name Rakshyababa, god who protects, is very appropriate. Worshippers offer milk, rotis made in ghee, fruits to Rakshyababa if their wishes come true. The idol of Rakshyababa is unlike idols of other gods. The head of the idol is cracked and there is hole that goes right to the shoulder. A sheep’s horns like structures are built on the remaining head portion. Numerous broken pieces of idols are clearly seen scattered around it. At the present, there are two antique diskhas located in the south of Jahadi village. Multiple fragments of red colored wooden pots, bricks, soil balls are found lying around. In the south-east, about half kilometers away from the idol of Rakshyababa, Tilaurakot, there are archaeological pieces of pots, bricks, wooden dolls in a 2 meters tall diskho which consists of bricks arranged in a particular order. The well situated in between is filled with dry leaves, soil and stones. Per the archaeological studies, this is the place of residence of Sunga and Krishna. Since Jahadi is located nearby Araurakot and Niglihawa, this place could possibly have been the arena of Kanakmuni Buddha.