Jata Shankar located in Triveni area has special postulations about its origin. Shiva or Mahadev also popularly known as Bhava, Sharva, Ishan, Ashani, Rudra, etc. In Rig Veda, Shiva has been characterized as the dev who floats in air, closely related to the vanaspatis and wears jatas (long dreadlocks). In the images as well, Shiva is depicted as the one with jatas. On the simple fact of jata, and the place being residence of Shivaji, the second site is called Jatashankersthan. The worshippers visiting this place used to receive jatas as form of Prasad in the previous days. But due to the belief that Shivaji will be troubled when jatas are distributed, the practice is followed no more. During Shivaratri, Aayush, Purnimas and Mondays of Shrawan, this site is overflowed with devotees. The devalaya and Narayani river in the backdrop has been a massive combination for attracting large number of tourists every year. Thus, Shankarsthan is developing as a flourishing tourist destination.