This shaktipeeth lies in the lap of Triveni. An unusual interesting story lies upon the fact of how this place originated in the first place. In the ancient times, a huge war broke out between elephants and crocodiles in the banks of river Narayani. Since both the rivals were extremely powerful, there was mere chances of the war coming to an end. An elephant that was very traumatized by the war thought only Lord Vishnu could bring the situation under control so, it plucked a lotus flower with its trunk and offered it to Vishnu. He was genuinely impressed by this act of loyalty and belief of the elephant, thus, he came on the earth with his wife, goddess Rukmini. Since then, people started to worship her image placed upon a lotus throne signifying her as goddess Laxmi.

This religious site lies within the boundaries of Chitwan National Park. There is a traditional belief that goddess Laxmi does not like to reside in closed boundaries. So, this area is boundary less under the sky and unlike other religious monuments, has no devalayas or houses around it. Little pieces of statues can be seen lying around the place. People usually come to worship the divine on Saturdays. Fetes are organized on special occasions like Ram Nawami and Dashain.