There is a kol brikshya in Manari – 7, Nawalparasi which is related to ancient Koliya dynasty. There is a deep belief that resting under the shades of this tree or coming for rest after cooking a meal, can cure leprosy and the like many other diseases. Various trees like Simal, Mango, Peepal, and bar are around the kol brikshya. People believe that residing nearby the brikshya brings bad fortune so the civilization is quite at a distance from the tree. The elderly says the place could be holding many evidences of ancient history. Ancient walls, Durga mandir in the place has intensified the preservation activities of the place.

As per the Buddhist granthas; Ram, the prince of Koshal rajya, and Priya came and resided under the shades of this tree together. At the end, both of them became leprosy -free. This incident has fueled up the investigation of this place which can really help for the archaeological studies and enhance the historical knowledge as well. In this region, there is a place called Koliyagram named after this Kol Brishya.