Lori Kudaan is an ancient area located two kms northeast away from Taulihawa bazaar, alongside of the Lihuwa- Khunuwa road. This place is also popular as Kudaan, Kodan or Lauri Kudaan. As per the history, there used to be a man named Lori who had special powers. He used to jump from one dhiska to another and as the time flew by, people started calling the place with his name. some even transformed the name as per their convenience. This plcace has four diskas and a puriyeko well. According to Dewala Mitra, to the south part of the khanda, there is a 25.3*18.3 metres diskho another diskho has a Nageswor temple based on Shikar tradition ,covering area of 11.58 meters having the entry door in the west the temple seems very ancient. PC Mukherjee, an excavator, said the fourth disko is fully composed of bricks. Khadga shumser has specified that the octagonal structured temple has two Sangharam located around it. Vost has also mentioned that in the south of the Kapilvastu Durba, there are Khandas built in remembrance of the sick. The ancient bricks on the south portion of the big disko, known as Samayamai, and the bricks placed on the north- west side of the Nageswor Mandir are excavated. Due to the excavation, the place is in the verge of extinction. Vost has mentioned the place as the place where Buddha taught his pupils. During the excavation of 1962, the place almost reached its end. The third and the largest of all the diskhos, situated on the north –east of the second diskho is 42.367*31.802 meters in dimension. On the north-east of this diskhos, there is an excavated khanda with first-rate flowers and lotus images sculptured on it. On the head portion of the khanda, shivalinga, ardhapatta and broken parts of idols are placed. Mukherjee says, “locals destroyed the four walls and placed earthen images of elephants and horses ridden by Lori Ahir. Rana has mentioned this as Sangharam whereas Vost put forth the idea that the place was built in the memory of Buddha, Yesodhara and Rahul. On the other hand, Mitra commented that the place had a big tree under which was Samayamai. On the north of the largest disko, there lies the fourth disko attached with the well. It is 21.64*13.41 meters in dimension. The diskhai is made following the Trirath and Pancharath custom. There is a belief that a baba made a small hut using the bricks of this diskha. Dewala Mitra has called the place Devalaya. Dr. Fuherer has linked the story of Chinese travellers and the three Buddha monuments to the place. He comments that due to the passage of the time, people substituted the Buddha monuments to the Lori Ahir story. There is a big pond situated in the north of the Smarak khunda.
In 1962, two temples, a well, an idol of Mahisasurmadirni, coals, pieces of wooden pots, Shivalinga, arghapatta, idol of Lalitasan’s Kartikeyi and equipments used in construction were excavated. This place is linked with various events such as the first meet of Siddhartha and Suddhodan after Siddhartha gained Buddhatwo, Rahul joining the Bikshu community, and Prajapati Gautami giving Kamaya Vrasta. Due to such ancient events that are believed to have taken place here, the place has an importance of its own in the pages of history.