Temple of Kumariwarti mai is a two storeyed structure built in Nepalese style. It is located on an ancient diskho which is 7 kms north east of Manigram, 15 kms southeast of Butwal and lies on Mahakar VDc, a village on the northwest of river Rohini. In the ancient times, members of Shakyas and Devdaha Koliya family used to pass by this road during their visits. There was a small hut like structure built so the travellers could rest when tired and take shelter during the nights. This place was named after Gautam Buddha’s mother, Mayadevi and Mayadevi’ younger sister Prajapati but later on, the name was transformed to Madrani and Pedrani- the history reads.
Two arty images are engraved on the surface of a big stone present at the temple boundary. The images are eroded so it is unclear but guesses are they probably represent Mayadevi and Buddha. Statues of Ganesh and other two lords are also present. Shivalinga and parts of idols are sprinkled on the floor. Gajur with artistic designs of bhumi, aamlak, kalash and bayupurak on the top of the templs gives memories of the ancient Kumariwarti mai temple.