Kumarwarti mai located in Rupauliya – 8, Saptami in Nawalparasi has developed as a popular tourist destination in the recent years. A big pond is present here. Locals believe that in the past when people wanted something they used to wash their hands and feet with water from the pond and pray the goddess. The following morning the essentials appeared in a boat which after use should be placed back on the stone. Once a woman asked for her requirements, received them on the boat the day after and replaced them back by keeping some items with her. Unlike other days, that day those items didn’t vanish and just remained there. When investigating about that event, they found that those items were not in complete proportions. When all the items were replaced back, the boat disappeared.

Locals believe that items like bricks and tiles are not to be used in the construction of temple. So, instead of building a temple, the devi is worshipped in the open area. People highly believe that her blessings cure diseases, prevent troubles and calamities and make wishes come true. Ancient idols, pond with different species of fish, wide varieties of plants and the like are present in the arena.