Lohasaudiya is located 250 metres east from the east entry point of Tilaurakot. In the old times, Shakyas of Kapilvastu carried out iron related works at this very place. It consists of various pits similar to that of Rehara, formed as a result of digging out the buried riches. Pieces of iron bricks, earthen pots, artistic stones can be found in those pits. One and a half meters deep pit lies in the middle portion of the diskho. Water gets collected in the pit during the rainy season due to which there are high chances of buried artistic structures getting ruined. The various iron particles and items discovered proves the places to be iron workshop during the old days. in 1898, Wadel excavated the area. This area is not protected so the historical items are disappearing day by day. It is a high time to start the preservation if not, the loss is sure to be irreversible.