Mahal Pokhari, located in the Mahabharata high range, is about eleven kilometers north of Sunawal of Nawalparasi district, is a delightful place of cultural and natural sight. Here, a pond and temple of Ghajadhamba Devi are present. According to the traditional Statement, in ancient times, Satyabati Devi had been living in this place. In the morning, she went away from there and settle in Palpa district, nowadays. That place is said to be considered as power force. Because of the old security fort as well as a palace and a pond, in the meantime, it is called as Mahal Pokhari. However, in that place, the pool is cached, but the palace is believed to be broken down. Even now, worshiping Satyabati Mai, Bhairab and Siddha (Aguvani) is being offered. It is important for environmental and cultural consideration, in this place there are pondies, Ghajadhamba, Shaktipith, etc. spread in four bighas.