On the west of Chanchama mai located in Vishnupura of Rupandehi district, there is a dense forest. Nearby the forest, there lies Manthari Siddha Baba which is widely popular among the people for its religious importance. Locals strongly believe that worshipping the Baba daily or during special occasions will make one’s wishes come true and will also protect them and their livestock from calamities. A huge peepal tree has grown in the upper portion of the ancient temple. As per the local theory, a sadhu named Manthari Baba built a hut upon the dishko, lived there his entire life and after his death, his ashes were buried in the same place. So, people started to call this place with the name of Manthari Baba. Due to passage of time, ancient ponds and wells located in this area have been buried. There are high chances of extracting valuable facts about history from this site if timely excavation is done.