Marchwari Mai, located in Odwaliya village of Rupandehi, has an interesting story about its establishment. In the old times, people from southern Terai travelled to northern hills to cut ‘khar’ (bhabiyo) for houses and sheds. One day, residents of Marchwars were in the forest to cut ‘khar’. One of them saw a dream in which Devi appeared and informed them that she will return with them in the form of soil and they ought to offer milk during their journey back to home. As per the dream, they stopped at various places and offered milk. The devi stayed at the very place where the bhariyas rested their loads in order to attend the nature call, the locals believe. In later days, chilly plants grew at that place. People who consumed the chillies became ill and were back to normal only after the devi was worshipped. Due to such incidents, locals established soil diskhas at the place as a representation of devi and started to worship them.

The temple constructed with bricks, stones, wood and soil from the local hills has a plain roof. The temple has east and west entrance doors and 1 meter 4 cm image of the mai is centrally located. The base of the temple is slowly widening whereas the upper portions are narrowing down. A bell is at the top and the norther part is separated as store. Sadhus and mahantas are found living at the nearby Dharmashala. Various Shivalayas and RamJanaki temples are also present in the surrounding.
Daily pujas and aradhanas are conducted within the temple area with the help of the locals. Bhaktas come from different places to worship and pray to fulfill their wishes. Also, bhaktas whose wishes have been fulfilled come to offer coconuts, balis, flowers, incense sticks as gratitude. Every Ashwin Shulka Nawami and Chaite Dashain, melas and puja are conducted in the temple. Hundreds of people visit the place during such occasions.