Murchhawa lies around half kilometers east of Samaya mai Mandir located in Taulihawa bazaar. This place was a vital area of ancient Kapilvastu so it is equally important in the present context as well. It was fort or ’surakshya morcha’ (protecton force) of the southern portion of Shakya nation. Gradually, “morcha” transformed to “murcha”; ‘hawa’ was added as suffix and the present name “Murchhawa” was formed. This area is plain and has fertile soil. Moreover, it lies among the cultivable land. Due to these factors, the violation of land of Murchhawa is increasing day by day. In the south, there is a dhisko consisting of multiple pieces of bricks, earthen pots on its surface. If this place with archaeological and traditional importance is preserved timely then the actual facts about the historical facts Murchhawa can be unveiled.