It is believed in the ancient period, the statues of Shivalinga, Shiva Parbati, Ganesh, Kumar and Devi appeared out of thin air on Barsauli VDC, ward no. 4 of Rupandehi district (now Gonaha VDC, ward no. 9, Semrahana) so the place was named Prakateshwar. According to the Buddhist literature, the shakyas state was spreaded upto river Rohini in the east so this place was also under Buddha’s father, King Suddhodhana. Before the introduction of Buddhism, shakyas dynasty and the people followed ‘Shaiba’ religion. During excavation, images and pieces related to “Shaiba” religion was found. As there was no written evidence on the artistic items excavated, we can only have a random guess about the technology used, religious traditions and practices. The level of interest about this place piqued when Shivalinga and idol of Uma Maheshwor of ‘Shaiba’ religion was found.