On the south-west of Tilaurakot and on the eastern banks of Baadganga river, Ramghat is situated. As per the cultural sayings, in the past Ram, Sita and Laxman had visited the place and spent their time meditating. The place was later named ‘Ramghat’ on basis of this event. Since it lies on the river banks, the river waves has been washing away its land slowly. This is also a burial site so it is equally important from social and religious views. Kutis, pati pauwa, dharmasala, shivalaya, hanumanghat, bhandar and the like are established around it. Modern images of shivalinga, parbati and ganesh have also been constructed. Huge melas are organized during Ramnawami, Ekadasi, Shivaratri in Ramghat so on these festivals, people from various places come to worship the gods and goddesses.