160 kms south from the southern wall of Tilaurakot, there is ancient diskho of great importance. Locals call it Rehara as it is situated at a height. Since Tilaurakot was the capital of ancient Kapilvastu, the metal utensils, dolls, arms and ammunitions, coins, jewelleries etc. required were prepared within the capital. The items exacavated here also proves that very fact. It covers 50 metres in the east-west whereas 50 meters in the north- south and has height of 2 meters. Rehara consists of circular pit somewhere in its eastern middle portion. Unauthorized people dug out buried wealth and thus, the pit was formed. As the pit is quite deep, water gets collected and this has resulted in degradation of arts and structures present in the lap of dishko. The byproducts during iron excavation, black-colored stone pieces, earthen pots and utensils can be seen lying on the surface. It consists of impure and raw iron nodes that if used properly, can be a good source of iron.