9 kms north of Tilaurakot and besides Jagadispur, a place on the north-west of Niglihawa and Araurakot, is a pond named ‘Sagar’ after which the place has been named as ‘Sagarhawa’. The history reads that around 5th century BC, Koshal Raj Birudhak murdered Shakyas at this place so people started investigating about the incident and the details. For the very first time, Dr. Fuhrer, a German working in Indian Archaeological
Department, conducted excavation with the co-ordination of Bada hakim of Palpa, Khadga Shumser and only then, this place saw light of the day and people knew about it. The excavation was also viewed by P. C. Mukherjee. 17 pillars were found during Dr. Fuhrer’s excavation but due to lack of care and preservation, the pillars are slowly becoming extinct. The bricks used in the stupas consist of Astadal Lotus’s image inscripted on it. These bricks are further surrounded by bricks having figures of Katari, Chuleshi, Gada, Parasu, Aanjus, Trishul on them. As per the folk tradition, these arms were used while murdering the Shakyas. There is a belief that figures of arms used were inscripted on bricks as a tribute to the deceased or in the memory of the demised.