Samayamai temple is located at a small hill on the northern side of Taulihawa bazar. It is widely popular for its archaeological and cultural aspects. The temple has open boundary and is not guarded well. Due to such flexibility, many ancient idols have been stolen. There is a simple tradition of worshipping the devi and people belief that devi should not be placed in a closed room so the devi is always placed in an open area. As per the folk tales whenever a closed boundary was built around the temple, the power of the goddess used to destroy all such boundaries and walls. A Saraswati temple is built besides Samayamaisthan and on a black stone placed on chautara, symbol of Tilaurakot mai is worshipped.It is believed that this devi was worshipped by the Shakyas. Images of elephants, horses and other animals can be seen around ‘maisthan’. Other various idols present in the scene are in such a sorry state that they are completely unrecognizable. While analyzing the geographical and archaeological structures of the place, it is found that the place holds various ancient khandas. Brick structures arranged in a systematic order was found during excavations. Chinese traveller, Huyen Sang, visited the place in 7th century BC and wrote that 3 or 4 li south of Kapilvastu, lies a garden with trees where
Samrat Ashoka built the pillars and Gautam Buddha met his father Suddhodhana after receiving Buddhatwo. But there still is dilemma about the specific date on which Buddha visited Kapilvastu and met his father. During the visit, various members of the Shakya family gave up the worldly and materialistic ways and tagged along Lord Buddha.