Kanyamai and Bairimai shaktipeeths are located 3 kms South of Bawanipur ( devdaha) near Kaireni and around diskhos of river Shitalnagar. These religious places belonged to ancient Koliya dynasty.

At the present, these mais are worshipped in the usual manner but the archaeological studies found that during the ancient and mod – years, these goddesses were highly worshipped and believed upon.

In those early days, there was a dense forest in this arena. Lions and tigers used to riam and roar so, later on, the place was called Sherbukke (lion roar). The population of tigers were very high in Koliya rajyas like ancient Ramgram, Devdaha and Byagrapur due to dense forests.

Ram of Kaushal and Priya (Amrita), Princess of Shakya dynasty, met at Sherbukje, took shelter under Kol tree and recovered from leprosy. The tigers present in the jungle troubled them a lot so the name Byagrapur was given to this place.

On the left side of the Shitalnagar – Devdaha road and on the west of river, the excavated ruins of diskho with Kanyamai was discovered. Multiple statues and images excavated during different excavations from deep down the earth are gathered at a common place. On the west of the disko, an image which resembled a pillar from afar, but was actually an image of a woman figure was also found. The figure is seen wearing a huge crown, thick necklace, ear rings, Udarbandha and dhoti. The idol is made using a different kind of rough stone, unlike Basalt, and is quite striking. The historical study says the idol wad Probably made right after the SuryMurti of Devdaha. Though the idol has no distinct Features, the clothing materials and usual way of dressing provides it a touch of northern ancient art.