Shivalaya mandir situated in siddharthanagar municipality, ward no. 8, Basdiliya village is an important monument from both religious and architectural point of view. In the past, the mandir was located in middle of a jungle in Chilhiya. There prevails a belief that when thieves and looteras were in the village, the shivalinga used to generate voices of devi to scare them. Loud voices were usually heard during the mid-night and mid-day. A story representing the divine power of this temple is quite popular. Once two thieves came to this place to steal the hidden treasures, but listening to the weird, scaring voices just after they entered the temple arena, they were so scared that they ran for their lives, ancient tales read. Realizing a guard looked after the temple, the same thieves came back accompanied by two other, but this time as well. They were not able to steal the hidden wealth. The third time, a group of eight bandits entered the temple, found nobody guarding it so strike axe upon the shivalinga. Soon they were blinded and could not see for the rest of their lives. Relating to this tale, a worshipper, Ratana Paudel who is residing within the boundaries of this temple since last four decades says that she has felt the divine power and is very much influenced by it. The temple is built in Nepali style using the woods and bricks of the locality. The top portion of the temple i.e. the gajur is pointed such way that at the old times, Nautawana of India could be seen from the base of the gajur, the elderly often say. The records seen at the entrance of the temple has clearly written statements stating the destruction of old configuration occurred due to human activities and natural calamities and the present structure is based on the maintenance project carried out in 2029 B.S.

The physical appearance of the image of shivalinga clearly proves the fact of being striked by an axe. It is similar in appearance i.e. the color and style, to shivalinga of tauleshwor mahadev, niglihawa and ashok sthamba of gotihawa. So, the temple is also believed to have been erected after the shivalinga was probably found in the excavations.

Numerous small holes can be clearly seen in the linga which is partitioned vertically in equal parts by a thin line. A nerve like structure is seen which can be taken for ejaculation nerve but one cannot be specific about it due to its vagueness. A snake like animal circles the linga. As per the belief, the linga is said to have appeared itself thereby, locals named it Uttpateshwor Mahadev. Yagyashala, dharmashala on the north and statues of durga, radha, kalika, shiva are erected in the east –west directions of the Shivalaya. A figure of a bull is also present in at the entrance.

Every year, huge melas are organized in the temple during shivaratri, ekadashi, balchaturdashi and the like festivals. In the mornings of the festivals, the locals gather in the premises whereas worshippers of Terai visit the temple in the day. Siddharthanagar municipality has organized a committeefor the preservation, and promotion of the arena.

Though a special guthi has not been formed for daily worships and festivals, about 1½ bigha and 10 katta land with a pond is allocated for the shivalaya. The money “bhetis” offered by the worshippers are used to provide for the expenses of the pujaris.