The area from Beldia Chowk to the banks of Narayani River, located in Mukundapur VDC of Nawalparasi is named as Sikhrauli. There is a traditional story behind the name of the place. It is said that, in the past, there was an ever longing war going on between ‘Gaj’, the elephant and ‘Graha’, the crocodile in Triveni dham. The place went short of water. Then the elephant, with the help of his trunk, consecrated a lotus in the name of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, being overwhelmed by the elephant’s deed, travelled at the speed of a hurricane for salvation. At the very instant, hid diadem fell off his head in this place. Shir- meaning head, the place was then named Shirmauli all along. With the lapse of time, it was transformed into Sikhrauli. Silhouettes of the five Pandav brothers have been built here as it is said that they lived some part of their banishment here. It I said that Bhimsen, the strongest of the Pandav brothers used to carry the big stones and rocks of this place. It is also said that there are the remains of the palace of Mukunda Sen. On the western part of the temple, there lies a statue of Garud Narayan on whom lord Narayan is sitting embellished with gold ornaments. This reason lies on the lap of the Chure range and is suitable for human civilization and the historical artefacts of this place are taken away by the floods as well as people as they wish. So there seems to be a lack of historical artefacts here. The preservation of this religious place is necessary and strong actions need to be implemented.