Valmiki Ashram, a sacred religious venue, is situated at the border of Chitwan and Nawalparsi districts. Many sayings have been indicated about the establishment of this ashram. Among the graces of the Dwaapar era, Ramayana was the creation of saint Valmiki which is believed to be written here. Lord Rama stayed here for 14 years, during his ban bash (banishment to be spent in the jungle). His sons, Lava and Kusha were taught here. Archives are found here scattered or buried under the ground. Valmiki saint is said to have lived here although it hasn’t been proved yet. This place is also called sita madhi. Thousands of armies of Surya Bamsha were said to be killed here. The Devalayas or temples have been maintained here. 500 years back, Allaudin of Sodhari maintained the temple in his father’s memory. The presence of different kinds of idols, bricks, rocks can be seen here. Lord Laxman had left Rama-Sita here to obey the order of sending them out of Ayodhya’s premises. But this saying isn’t proved too. So the excavation of this place can give some more information about the place and its history.